Outstanding Value Exclusive to Our Members

98% Approval Rate on our Loans

ASTI Credit Union offers a wide choice of borrowing facilities. Our loan rates are flexible and competitive to cover any borrowing requirement. Loan protection insurance covers our loans at no extra cost (terms & conditions apply).

The approval process is quick and efficient.

Repayments are designed to suit your particular requirements and may be made through salary deduction or direct debit.

At ASTICU we believe in capacity-based lending which means we will look at your income and outgoings and assess your ability to repay the loan.


Download a loan application form today from our Downloads section or simply call Lo Call 1850 44 31 31 to speak to our helpful staff.

Why Borrow from Education Credit Union

  • No Set up Charges
  • Quick approval process
  • Direct Salary Deduction
  • No early Redemption Charges
  • Pay interest on your outstanding balance only
  • Free Loan Protection Insurance*

The Central Credit Register

The Central Credit Register is a national database that the Credit Union is required to provide personal and credit information to for, credit applications and credit agreements of €500 and above. From 30 June 2017, we will begin submitting personal information to the Central Credit Register about members.

For more information on the Central Credit Register


*Subject to terms and conditions


Warning: If you do not meet the repayments on your loan, your account will go into arrears. This may affect your credit rating which may affect your ability to access credit in the future.